The job of an event planner is based on various skills sets. Many people consider that there isn’t any easier job than event planning. It is a wrong conception that event planners do nothing instead of wandering here and there. Here is a complete list of tasks comprised of the duties from beginning to the end.


The impeccable written and verbal communication are necessary for the whole job. A highly confident and outspoken individual communicate with the clients, vendors and owners of venues.

Fiscal Management:

Working within a set budget is the challenging phase of the event planner’s job. They needs to know their math to consult with a client for setting right budget and generating good sum of profit from it.

Negotiation Skills:

Working with variety of suppliers is included in the job of an event planner. Many planners need to negotiate on the behalf of their clients with the vendors and venue owners. They need to negotiate with multiple times.

Decision-Making skills:

Individuals or teams who can’t make decisions don’t fit this job. They make on the spot decisions that may have positive as well as negative effects on the entire occasion.


An event planner is the only leader who needs to guide their whole working staff. He/she is answerable to anything happens in the event. They know how to motivate their team as a good leader. The leading member also need to keep balance in their attitude. They can’t stay friendlier as well as aggressive all the time. The equality in attitude and higher observation are also included in job of the event planners.

Organizational skills:

The event planner isn’t only responsible to organize the events but also their team of workers. Like any successful firm, event planner also need to keep the eyes on each and every activity of the team members.

All of these set of skills must be in an event planner. It is not possible for planners to perform their duty in case of not having any of the discussed skills. This shows that event planners have higher responsibility on their shoulders. From the beginning to the end of an event, their presence is mandatory which make it tough for them to sit for a while. As a client, you should also focus on each mentioned skill before hiring an event planner for any occasion.