It is important to know what questions to ask in order to find event planners when deciding to have a professionally planned event. The firms and businesses weed through competition while searching suitable planners by asking certain questions. It can be difficult by giving event planning duties over to a stranger. So yes, interview them first!

The in-house staff can hardly accomplish this task properly as it involves wide range of things to do. The few styles planned and managed by the planner are shared below. It is obvious that a planner who has background in sports planning won’t be suitable for the firm that require an expert in the field of jewelry. The most important questions are:

  1. In order to figure out how the planner organizes their time in relation to events, ask how early they begin planning. You must be aware with the beginning and total time required for the event.
  2. You must be aware whether the planner would work with the team or individually. It is necessary to figure out the entire duration required for the event. The team of planners should be hired for extensive and large events. On the other hand, the small events can be organized by the individual planner.
  3. Never forget to ask about the background of a planner. For example, their prior work with professionals, the contacts and ability to organize entire event. Many event planners advertise their work in a great manner but remain unable to provide up-to-the-mark services. Therefore, this question must be included in the interview.
  4. The planners with pre-selected crew and direct work relationship with professionals should be your top priority. Ask that whether they’ve crew on hand or not. It is important to know as the newly hired staff need be trained. While, the pre-developed crew knows the in-depths of their work.
  5. Apart from anything else, the question related to price or budget is asked by every client. Make sure whether they require justified price or not. The budget allocated for event must fit to avoid any further conflicts.
  6. Many event planners don’t mention the fee of additional hiring professionals. Therefore, you need to make it clear with them before giving advance payment. All the excluded charges from the fee must be in your knowledge. Otherwise, it can highly affect your entire budget. Always keep all of the discussed points under consideration.